Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Feedback Team

These are the wonderful friends who have offered to provide feedback for my book:

1. Staci Logan, Boonville, MO

hey frank I would like to be added to your feedback team to see what your up to.
staci logan

Hello Carolyn-
My name is Staci and I just moved to Boonville about three months ago. I teach special Education during the day and Bartend at Jim's Place at night. A man named Frank walked into my life last night and I found him to be the most plesent and interesting person I have talked to in awhile...(which trust me doesn't take much from working with special ed kids and drunks all day ;)
He told me why he was in town and of your wedding to your boyfriend.
I found your story fascinating and as I was signing the guest book at Frank's site today saw your name and thought that I would say congratulations and good luck to you this weekend. You have perfect weather for a wedding.

Best Wishes,

Staci Logan

2 & 3. Carolyn & Dave Carrigan
Hello Staci - Very kind of you. Thanks so much. Frank is a wonderful man. I think he is one of the nicest and giving men I have ever met. I was tickled to death when I found out he was going to be able to come to the wedding. It has been lots of fun and a real pleasure having him here. Did Frank tell you he was helping my sweetie build a chicken coop? He enjoyed taking pictures of David playing in the pen with the chicks and coach him along as he was building. Thanks again, Carolyn

more to come...

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