Friday, October 31, 2008

Memories of my hospital stay

note: some of the original content of this blog entry was moved to my main blog of 6/4/09.

Listed below are some additional scenes I will cover...
1. May 1968 - I'm addicted to demerol
2. Memorial Day weekend 1968 - Nurse injects 1,200,000 units of penicillin into my femoral artery; I go into shock
3. Same weekend - No doctors available on the holiday other than the interns and residents, so they take me of all medications cold turkey
4. Another miracle happens!
5. June 1968 - x-ray incident; I decide to become a hospital administrator
6. July 1968 - Tilt table; right femur breaks in physical therapy
7. August 1968 - Rick home on leave due to his mother's cancer; he takes me to Newburyport on a weekend pass
8. August 1968 - Rick meets Danalee
9. Danalee, Diana and others begin giving me guitar lessons
10. September 1968 - Start correspondence courses in Locksmithing, Insurance Adjusting and Accounting; Initiate the H & R Block tax training course by mail
11. October 31, 1968 - Student Nurses make my room one of their trick or treat stops
12. November 1968 - I get braces; the heels are 6 inches high and make me look and walk like Lerch
13. December 1969 - Debbie K takes me home with her to Monson MA for Christmas; I overhear her father telling her "not to get involved with a cripple"
14. December 1968 - I meet Christine Merski
15. January 1969 - Frank Borrelli is my new roommate; we play cards every evening
16. January 1969 - NY Jets win the Super Bowl; Vin F. takes me on a day pass and I "officiate" Hartford road race in my wheelchair.
17. March & April 1969 - I do MD tax returns; learn the relationship between physicians and their money (that's a good thing)
18. July 1969 - Linda B invites me to Woodstock; I decline
19. September 1969 - Student nurses lock the door to my room and get me drunk for my 21st birthday
20. January 1970 - I'm finally discharged (after 18 operations)

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